Insulation Products

Polkar, which is Turkey’s first and the only manufacturer of modular vehicle insulation systems, has been continuously improving its services to logistics sector since when it first started in 1997.

Polkar has been able to manage to become the leader company in its sector with special designs for more than 30 different vehicle models. By the help of fast and flexible production capability and and prompt response to customer orders Polkar has become the reliable solution partner of many corporate level and fleet customers.

Many advantages of the modular insulation system we manufacture are;


  • The special design that let us have the maximum cargo space
  • Fuel save due to the feature of the product’s capability of keeping the inside temperature between +5°C and -18°C (41°F and 0°F)
  • In case of an accident, only the damaged part can be changed instead of the entire unit
  • Long product life feature as the insulation system can be transferred to another vehicle that is of same make and model