Environmental Policy

We, Polkar Inc. top management, are committed to the continous improvement of the environmental management system in accordance with the ISO 14001 Standart by supplying all necessary financial, administrative and technical equipment sources.

Aims and Goals

  • To collect the waste in the appropriate manner and to reduce waste disposal
  • To collect, dispose and/or recycle hazardous materials in the appropriate manner
  • To save energy
  • To save water

Accordingly, the principles of our environmental policy;

  • To obey the relevant laws, regulations and legislations, to cooperate with such related foundations, to eliminate the risk of the parties that may be damaged by the environmental effects
  • To ensure the implementation of the technology in order to prevent pollution and in order to preserve natural resources as much possible as the economic and commercial circumstances allow
  • To make sure that the sense of environmental responsibility is acknowledged by all Polkar employees with necessary trainings and active participation
  • To ensure the integrity of of our associates in the aftermarket organizations in our environmental activities
  • To minimize the environmental impacts and pollution in our waste, to reduce and to take under control our waste from our products and operations
  • To make regular and periodic studies to measure the effectiveness of our environmental management system

To be open to continuous improvement, and to initiate necessary corrective actions